About Us

Who we are:

Xtremes Management specializes in Business Change and Transformation. Founded in Dublin, Ireland in 2009 it brought together a group of companies and individuals with a common goal. Delivering Sustainable Improvement.

The key contributors at that time:

TTS Europe, an Automotive Consultancy focusing on Competency Based Learning and Assessment. Whose clients included; Nissan Europe, KIA, BMW.

Business consultants with a broad background:

Project Management, Learning and Development, Change Management, Business Process Improvement and Risk Mitigation. Drawn from varying industries; Banking and Finance, Telecoms, Automotive, Logistics, Aviation and Manufacturing.

How we do it:

The key drivers for Delivering Sustainable Improvement

  • Operational Environment and Operational Structure
  • Staff Engagement and Transparent Communication
  • People and Development
  • Process and Planning

Achieved through the development of an atmosphere that enables staff engagement and transparent communication, focusing on People and Processes.

Whilst this sounds easy, the art is blending management theory with a client’s organisations and then delivering practical solutions that deliver sustainable improvements, measured and reported through clear KPI’s.

Where we are:

To support the global nature of this business Xtremes Management has expanded its coverage and support structure to support our client base. Originally with a single office in Dublin, Ireland, Xtremes Management now has offices in Dublin, Bournemouth and Bahrain with a new office in Singapore under development.

Since 2009 Xtremes Management have operated Globally, delivering projects in:

Europe; United Kingdom, Ireland, Nederland, France, Germany, Spain and Switzerland

Middle East; Oman, Bahrain, United Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia

Asia; Hong Kong, Singapore, Philippines, Indonesia, China